Carter Family Wedding Reception

August 19, 2017
7:00 pm
Sandy, Utah
Pepperwood Recreation Center Pavillion
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Performed a 3 hour set at the Carter Family Wedding Reception at the Pepperwood Recreation Center Pavillion. It was an incredible evening filled with dancing and celebration for the beautiful newlywed couple.

“The Current did an amazing job!”

“They were upbeat, sounded great, danced when performing, high energy, great song choices, and extremely entertaining.  They got the guests going on the dance floor from the get go. They were in tune to the crowd and when they saw a few guests line dancing they played a Country song next, then back to pop music.  They even engaged a couple of cute 4 year olds and let them help sing a song into the microphone.  The band members were professional, kind and greeted us with smiles, and were 30 minutes early to set up!  They cleaned up quickly after the event and did not leave any trash behind.  Later in the evening we were asked to “tone down the music” by the property management and they were able to electronically take it down a few decibels for the neighbors. EVERYONE was out on the dance floor and had a terrific time. I give credit to The Current for their talent, enthusiasm, and rhythm for a successful party.  Many of the guests asked where we found them and how to hire them for personal and business events. I personally plan to hire them again….I just need to come up with another occasion to celebrate….I’ll think of something!”